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Hot scandal: Another hot BIR Scandal

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Hot scandal: 2 Filipino teen boys playing w/ ice on a girl's body

File 3: Rapidshare | Ziddu
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Hot Scandal: Criselda Volks Video scandals!

For those who still haven't gotten hold of it, here it is. (Download links also included below)
The last time Philippine sexy actress Criselda Volks made it into the news last year (2007) after she attempted to commit suicide by drinking detergent soap and liquid bleach. Very controversial sexy actress. Blind item favorite as young sexy actress who frequents the casino.

And now this, an alleged video scandal in which everyone who saw it agrees that it was Criselda Volks who's in the video. The young lady in the controversial video was wearing a famous red English Premier league Jersey "Arsenal" or "Fly Emirates" Nike Football jersey while being abused by a "Rich Malaysian Guy" a Casino Mogul (according to our sources).

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Hot scandal: sex on demand!

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More Hot scandals

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Hot scandal: sex sa sala habang walang tao sa bahay

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